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What is a smart electric bike?

What is a smart electric bike?
It seems like every day a new ultra-modern technology product hits the shops, with each innovation having a huge impact on every aspect of a product or business. The world of cycling is certainly no exception, as we have recently seen a huge boom in the development of electric bikes.

E-bikes are constantly being upgraded to accommodate new technological trends, and smart ebikes are the latest addition to this growing line-up. Gone are the days of traditional cycling and pedalling. Now you have complete control over your ride in terms of distance, intensity and assistance.

What is the difference between a smart e-bike and an ebike?
Both smart e-bikes and e-bikes are built using similar components: a traditional looking bike with a full motor and pedal assist system (PAS).

The similarities between e-bikes and smart e-bikes are that they are both electric and have a motor. They are useful tools for those who cycle for exercise, commute to work, or simply enjoy cycling so much that they want to do it as much as possible.

The “smart” part just means that a smart e-bike can connect to your phone and has more features than a typical e-bike. It’s like an upgraded version of an e-bike that can fit into today’s technological world.

smart electric bike

Smart e-bikes can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, whereas e-bikes cannot. This opens up a world of possibilities for features, add-ons and customisation.

Once your phone is connected to your bike, you can download our app to start customising, protecting, tracking and more. The app has many features to explore, with more to come.

Appearance and Style
Compared to other e-bike products, our smart e-bike model Velotric T1 Smart Bike has a redesigned look.

Some lower quality e-bikes can be bulky, have exposed wires, and look bulky. Luckily, our other e-bike options are still very stylish, and our smart e-bikes have the same attractive look that you’re sure to love.

All of our smart ebike wiring is internal, which means we’re able to fit everything perfectly into its slim, lightweight and durable frame. The battery is also integrated and covered by the frame. Finally, all the built-in electronic sensors are also hidden.

It looks like you’re riding a normal bike, and pedestrians are sure to be shocked when you whizz past them at 25mph on a conventional-looking bike.

Speed, weight and distance
Our frames are made from hydroformed aluminium, which makes them strong, lightweight and durable.

On top of that, we use 3D Liquid Forging Technology (LFT) to fully integrate the technical components into the frame of the bike so they’re not exposed.

Finally, we also utilised forged hook and loop claws to help mount the frame to the mounting points of the wings, which are the wheel covers that protect the rider from splashes and debris.

Hook jaws are attachment slots that are used to attach the axle to the rear wheel of a bicycle and allow the wheel to be removed without removing the chain. This significantly upgrades the frame support system and makes the bike stronger overall.

Weighing in at just 36lbs and with a top speed of 25mph, this Class 1 grooming bike is an urbanising machine designed to get you from point A to point B in style.

What’s the best thing about smart e-bikes?
In addition to looking (and being) cool, you can customise your smart e-bike in a number of ways that traditional bikes and e-bikes just don’t have. From top-notch safety features to fingerprint ID and a fully customisable experience from your phone, riding a bike has never been more exciting.

Let’s take a closer look at the world of smart e-bikes.

smart electric bike

Speed App
The app is a busy hub for all your cycling needs and customisations.

Mode Switching
One of the most interesting features is the ability to switch the “mode” of your bike. You have three main options: Adventure Mode, City Mode and Max Mode. Each one is essentially unique and designed for the type of riding and terrain you plan on taking.

Unlocking features

The first is “Vibrate”. When Bluetooth is connected and you’re standing next to the bike, give it a gentle shake and it will automatically unlock for you.

Secondly, you can press a button on the app to lock and unlock the bike. This is the easiest and most efficient way to start riding.

Thirdly, you can use the fingerprint option if your phone doesn’t work. There is a small button on the top of the frame that you can simply press with your finger to unlock the bike.

Your app tracks and records every second of your ride in real time. At the end of your ride, you can see how many calories you burned, distance travelled, average speed, CO2 emissions and more. You can also merge or share this data with Apple Health if you’ve already stored most of your health information in Apple Health.

In addition to data tracking, you can track your bike in real time when it’s lost. Whether you lose it or it’s taken, you can rest easy knowing you’ll find it.

Additionally, the bike comes with a pre-installed anti-theft alarm that will be sent to your mobile phone in case of an emergency.

Improved parts
Every smart e-bike is fitted with a TEKTRO hydraulic disc braking system, which means you can maintain all braking power even in the toughest conditions.

Our narrow-width discs ensure that you’ll rarely need to do any maintenance on the chain or worry about it falling off.

Finally, our saddle ensures comfort throughout your ride. It features a wavy design that is perfect for keeping your lower back and other bones comfortable through all the twists, turns, and bumps.

In conclusion, the rise of the smart e-bike has revolutionised the field of sustainable commuting. While traditional e-bikes continue to provide a reliable and environmentally friendly mode of transport, smart e-bikes offer unprecedented connectivity, safety, and convenience. Looking to the future, it’s clear that these innovative modes of transport will redefine the way we travel.

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