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Bicycle Light/

lights front and back set waterproof bicycle light

Packaging size: 14.8 x 8.1 x 4.1 cm
Seatpost: Saddle-mounted type
‎Lamp diameter: 3.5cm
Material: ‎Aluminum
Packing list: ‎Charging cable, instruction manual, hex wrench, saddle mounting accessories, seat post mounting accessories
Does this product contain batteries: ‎Yes
Does it require batteries: Yes
Model ‎TL907Q50
Warranty instructions ‎1 week after receiving the product

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Model: TL907Q50
1 waterproof
P65 waterproof and dustproof
It can also be used with confidence on dangerous rainy days.
There is no need to take it off when cleaning the bike.

2 smart chips.
By sensing vibration and G (gravitational acceleration) during braking in detail,
The taillights illuminate at maximum brightness when braking.
It can notify cars and bicycles behind you to slow down.
Through vibration detection, it will automatically turn off 30 seconds after parking.
In addition, adding vibration to the seat will automatically turn on the light.

3 rechargeable
USB fast charging. (Type-B, cable included)
Built-in 400mAh battery, durable.
It comes with a battery indicator light, which is also convenient for charging remaining capacity.

High-end design
Stylish and compact design, handsome.
Aluminum alloy, lightweight & strong.

Lamp diameter: 3.5cm

Aluminum alloy

Install locking Bloth taillights to improve safety when driving at night


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