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How to increase the range of your electric bike

How to increase the range of your electric bike

With costs for everyone on the rise these days, we’re all keen to save as much money as possible. If you’re an e-bike owner, you’ll know how cost-effective they can be, especially as an alternative means of commuting.

However, if you want to get more for your money, there are a number of ways to maximize the range of your e-bike to help you go further on a single charge.

Increase the range of your battery
Check tire pressure
Making sure you have the correct tire pressure is known to improve handling, comfort and grip, but it can also affect battery range.

Correct tire pressure minimizes rolling resistance, which reduces the amount of energy wasted trying to make the wheels turn. By keeping your tires at optimal levels, you can retain extra battery power as well as your own energy for longer riding distances.

It’s worth noting that lower tire pressures may be more effective on a mountain ebike or adventure bike, as you’ll be able to absorb any bumps or jumps in the terrain to keep moving smoothly.

range of electric bike

Avoid extreme temperatures
Just like car batteries, e-bike batteries can be affected by the weather. Extreme temperature fluctuations (either hot or cold) can limit the capacity of your battery and minimize the maximum distance you can go on a single charge.

Lower temperatures slow down the chemical reactions in the battery, which reduces its ability to hold a charge. Similarly, higher temperatures cause the liquid inside the battery to evaporate, which leaves the internal cells susceptible to damage, thus limiting their ability to hold a charge.

Therefore, to maximize your battery’s range, try to maintain milder temperatures during long rides and make sure to store your bike in a garage or other sheltered area during the winter months to prevent sudden temperature drops.

Choosing an economy mode
Most e-bikes will offer different assist modes that allow you to customize your ride to your needs and environment – these typically include a faster “Turbo” mode, “Sport” mode and “Eco” mode. These typically include faster “turbo” modes, “sport” modes and “eco” modes.

Of course, the higher the assist mode, the more power the motor must deliver, and therefore the faster the battery is drained. While it can be fun to ride in these higher-assist “turbo” modes, it’s often unnecessary and won’t give you the long-lasting riding experience you’re looking for.

To extend battery life and ride longer, try riding in lower assist modes. The “Eco” mode is designed to conserve power, so using it more frequently will help increase the distance you can travel on a single charge.

Reduce weight
If you’re willing to sacrifice convenience to increase your range, try leaving some items at home. Heavy bags and other items add stress to the battery, which means it takes more battery power to travel the same distance with less weight.

Plan your route
The terrain you ride on can have a big impact on your battery’s range, so plan your route carefully if you want to conserve power.

Steep hills and slopes require more battery power than flat terrain, as the motor will provide more assistance to help you climb. To increase your range on a single charge, choose a flat, longer route rather than a shorter, steeper one. Even though you’ll be traveling more miles, flatter terrain will improve your range.

Charge before you ride

range of electric bike
This may sound obvious, but it’s the key to a long-lasting ride and one that is often overlooked!

If you know you’re going on a long trip, make sure you fully charge your e-bike ahead of time. That way, you’ll know that you’ll be able to achieve the longest ride distance on a single charge.

Extend the life of your battery
Of course, another way to increase the range of your e-bike is to take good care of it – a battery that has been serviced and regularly maintained is more likely to hold a good charge. It will also last longer overall, so you won’t need to replace it as often.

There are a variety of ways to keep your battery in good health over time:

Store in the right conditions
Again, storing your e-bike in cold conditions during the winter may damage the battery and affect its ability to charge. Storing it at room temperature will help protect the battery and keep it working properly. You don’t have to worry about making room indoors either – simply remove the battery and keep it indoors, then put the bike in the garage!

Don’t charge immediately after a ride
If a long ride has drained your e-bike battery, you may be tempted to charge it as soon as you get home, ready for your next adventure. However, charging immediately after a ride can put a strain on your battery and can lead to premature damage.

During long rides, if you start your bike’s motor frequently, it can cause your battery to become hot while it’s working. To protect your battery and prevent it from degrading faster, try to avoid plugging it in before it cools down.

Keep it partially charged throughout the year
If you don’t like riding in cold weather, then you may be tempted to leave your e-bike in the garage or shed until spring arrives, but this could actually be harmful to your battery.

Leaving the battery empty makes the internal cells susceptible to damage, and keeping the battery fully charged when it’s not in use puts more stress on the battery, which means it will degrade faster. The best option is to keep your battery at around 60% charge to protect it without stressing it.

Buying e-bike parts and accessories

Implementing these changes to improve battery range will help keep your riding on track and save on charging costs, meaning your e-bike will be more cost-effective.

For more help with electric riding, visit zhsydz.com or stop by your local store and one of our associates will be happy to help you.

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