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Cycling in New York State 7 Amazing E-Bike Trails

Cycling in New York State 7 Amazing E-Bike Trails

What’s the point of owning an e-bike if you can’t make the most of exploring? Getting away from the fast-paced city life is crucial, as nature can reconnect us and give us a break from our busy lives.

Exploring is part of what makes us human. There’s no better tool for exploration than an e-bike, and there’s no better trail in America than New York.

What happens when you combine the two? You’ll get a full list of our favourite spots to e-bike in beautiful New York State, from the Hudson River Valley to the Adirondacks. While there’s certainly no shortage of urban paths and greenways in New York, we’ve tried to include mostly nature-oriented trails, with a few exceptions.

Before we get started, be sure to check out New York’s e-bike laws to make sure you’re ready to hit the trails. Make sure you have all the proper equipment and that your e-bike is charged and ready to ride and let’s get started!

Capital – Saratoga
The Saratoga Greenbelt Trail is located in the Capital-Saratoga region of Central New York State and is home to the world’s largest single-day bike race, this area of Eastern New York is known as a cyclist’s paradise.

There are many other trails of varying difficulty in the area, and cyclists can bring their e-bikes to ride. There are paved trails, off-road trails, dirt trails, and many other types of terrain that are suitable for almost any type of e-bike.

Along the trail, cyclists will see plenty of wildlife and stop at multiple stations to take a minute to enjoy the countryside and beauty of remote New York.

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E-Bike Trails

Erie Canal Trail
The Erie Canalway Trail covers 365 miles of all trails. This long bike path runs across upstate New York from Buffalo to Albany. The trail is unique because you get to enjoy amazing natural scenery and there are plenty of things to do along the way.

Historical museums, bridges, water-view canals, parks, and local restaurants are all dotted along this huge trail, ensuring that you’ll never get bored on your ride.

Genesee Valley Park, Camillus Erie Canal Park, and Green Lake State Park can all be accessed by or directly through the trail. This includes the stunning Nine Mile Creek and other protected natural attractions.

Biking the Erie Canal Trail can easily take a few days, so you can come back multiple times and never see the same view twice.

The Catskill region is home to a wide variety of mountain biking trails and consists of small communities of biking towns and ski resorts. This is a unique area that is hard to find anywhere else in New York State.

On the trails, you’ll see expansive reservoirs, mountain views, farmland, and all the natural beauty you can imagine. Some of the trails are entirely dirt roads for experienced fat-tire e-bike riders, while others are paved and flat for family or slow-paced rides. Of course, there is a connection between these two difficulties.

As we mentioned, there are also several ski resorts around the area, and some even feature bike lifts so you can take a ride to the top and ride all the way down.

This is certainly one of the more unique bike challenges on this list, but the Catskills have options for everyone of all skill levels and ages.

Heritage Trail
The Heritage Trail, also known as the Orange Heritage Trail, is a 20-mile trail that runs through the beautiful sites of Orange County, NY. Expansive farmland, old wooden buildings and infrastructure, rolling hills, and more create a rustic atmosphere that will have you breathing slow and feeling more relaxed than ever before.

Interestingly, the road is home to over 200 species of birds, so you’ll hear their songs along the way. You’ll even see an old abandoned fighter plane at one point, and there are several history museums along the way to make sure you have something to do when you need a break.

The trail is largely flat and mulched, but there are also large areas of dirt, gravel, and more. It’s suitable for e-bikes and is usually sparsely populated, which means you can ride at exactly your own pace. This trail has to be at the top of your list to really feel natural and relaxed.

North County Trails
We’ve previously discussed cycling as a way to get away from city life and reconnect with nature, and the North County Trail is a great opportunity to do just that.

This 22-mile trail is located just a few miles north of New York City. It starts in Tarrytown and continues north, and you’ll see plenty of cool spots along the way.

The North County Trail features unique rock formations, wooded hills, orchards and fields, and a portion of the trail’s shoreline. There are also several historic buildings that are perfect for taking photos and exploring.

Take a break from the city and get some fresh air. Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

Greater Niagara
Considering we’re in New York State, including a trail was the right choice to give you a view of one of New York’s most famous attractions: the Niagara Falls.

These trails are included in the previously mentioned Erie Canalway Trail, which is a large 365-mile designated trail. The trail specifically runs from Buffalo to Rochester. Along the trail, you can ride along the Riverfront Trail, which is full of cool local shops and restaurants.

The trail is surrounded by the Niagara River for almost its entire length and is very spacious and easy. You’ll find a number of state parks that you can ride through, including the famous Whirlpool State Park, where you can watch the rapids turn into little whirlpools.

Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking Niagara Falls from multiple viewpoints along the way, which provides you with one of the coolest and most unique features of any route on this list.

Long Island.
Central Park not cutting it? If you don’t want to travel long distances or just need a new bike route, we recommend checking out all that Long Island has to offer. The borough has beach trails, boardwalks, and many different views on many different trails.

You can stay in the heart of New York City (while staying away from Manhattan’s busy bike lanes), explore the many shops and restaurants, or venture into uncharted territory with 11 trails in different directions.

Honourable mentions
New York State has no shortage of mountains to climb and places to descend. See more popular trails that didn’t make the top seven:

Utica North and South Artery Multi-Use Trail (Utica)
Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail (Albany and Schenectady)
Plattekill Mountains (Catskills)
Empire State Trail (New York to Canada)
Glens Falls Spur Canal Trail (Glens Falls to Champlain Canal)
Cayuga Waterfront Trail Loop (Cass Park, Ithaca to Cayuga Lake entrance)
Wallkill Valley Rail Trail (Kingston and Gardner)

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