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8 Reasons You Should Always Wear Cycling Gloves

8 Reasons You Should Always Wear Cycling Gloves

For some, cycling gloves are just an optional fashion accessory rather than a cycling essential. However, many cyclists consider gloves to be vital cycling equipment with multiple benefits.

So why do cyclists wear gloves? Cycling gloves not only make you look like a professional cyclist, they also improve your overall cycling experience. Gloves enhance your grip and control over your bike’s handlebars, provide extra cushioning, and protect your hands in the event of a crash. Like helmets, gloves are every rider’s protective gear.

Due to the heat and humidity in Singapore, you may be wondering if you still need to wear cycling gloves while riding. Your riding gloves actually serve many other purposes, and they are not just for keeping your hands warm. Cycling gloves are designed to prevent injury, provide better grip and keep you comfortable.

While they may feel a little strange and uncomfortable the first time you put them on, you should consider wearing them every time you ride. Here are 8 reasons why:

1. Safety
When we ride on the open road, there is always a risk of an accident, whether you want it or not. No one starts a ride planning to crash, but accidents do happen and you need to be prepared for them.

Often, when you fall, your instinctive reaction is to put your hands out to stop the fall. Gloves can act as a useful first layer of defence against painful cuts and bruises. If you get into an accident, you’ll be happy with your riding gloves, the impact they absorb, and the scratches they cause on the sensitive skin of your hands.

Cycling Gloves

2. Firm Grip

Contrary to what you may think, the warm weather in Singapore is actually one of the reasons why you should wear cycling gloves.

When riding in warm and humid conditions, your hands get sweaty and can easily slip on the handlebars. Riding gloves help to wick away sweat and keep your hands dry so that you always have a secure, tight grip on the handlebars.

You’ll find that riding gloves are especially useful when you get wet, as they provide much-needed friction between your hands and the wet handlebars.

3. Comfort
The padding on cycling gloves helps to cushion your hands from the vibrations that are transferred to the main contact points of your hands through the bike and handlebars.

When riding an electric bike, you put pressure on the ulnar and median nerves. When they become trapped, you will begin to feel numbness, tingling and even pain in your fingers. This will affect your grip strength as well as your ability to control the bike.

Therefore, wearing gloves will help dampen the vibrations, eliminate hand discomfort and allow you to enjoy longer rides.

4. Injury Prevention
Cyclists are prone to handlebar paralysis. This is an injury caused by prolonged pressure on the nerves in the wrist. The pain can be severe, and if you’re not careful, you may also be at risk of suffering nerve damage.

“As well as being comfortable, wearing cycling gloves can help to spread the forces exerted on these nerves and reduce the chance of injury. ” – Dr Desmond Ong, Shoulder and Elbow Orthopaedic Group

5. Wipe your face
Most cycling gloves on the market come with a soft towelling section usually located on the thumb. This is particularly useful when you need to wipe off any nasty bodily fluids such as saliva or sweat. Your friends sitting behind you will thank you for wearing gloves, and you won’t have to worry about sweat stinging your eyes during the ride.

6. Shock absorption
If you like to ride on uneven, rocky and challenging terrain, then you are constantly exposed to shock and pressure. It can easily transfer to the handlebars and your hands, which can hurt you in the long run.

Gloves usually come with gel pads or cushioning to protect you from this. The integrated padding in the palm area of the glove reduces the impact and pressure on your hands. It keeps you safer while riding.

Cycling Gloves

7. Warmth
Temperature will always be an obstacle for cyclists who live in cold regions. You will feel the freezing temperature, especially on your hands and fingertips. In this case, gloves are a saviour.

Gloves provide warmth and comfort especially on cold days. This is the main reason why people wear gloves while cycling, especially in cold temperatures. Full-finger gloves that have extra layers and cushioning can help you withstand the cold weather. This way, you will be more comfortable and confident when cycling on cold days.

8. Style
If you want to look more like a professional cyclist, cycling gloves should be an accessory you must consider. With gloves on, you can enjoy comfort and safety without compromising on style. Cycling gloves have a style factor that cannot be ignored. It will make you look more stylish and professional. There is a wide range of cycling gloves available nowadays and they come in cool styles and designs to suit every cyclist’s personality.

So how do you choose a pair of riding gloves?
There are many different types of riding gloves for different weather conditions, but here we are talking about hot weather gloves for summer riding.

Choosing the right gloves is crucial to enjoying a comfortable ride.

#1 Design. There are 2 types of gloves; full finger and half finger. Full finger gloves are suitable for mountain bikers as they protect your hands from punctures and half finger gloves are suitable for road bikers as they are breathable and allow you to feel the brake levers.

#2 Fit. Make sure you choose the right size for you. Too big and the gel pads may not fit your hands. Loose gloves may also cause bruising. Conversely, if the gloves are too tight, gripping the barbell can intensify the pressure on the ulnar nerve, making you more uncomfortable. Focus on the band between your index finger and thumb. This will give you an indication of fit.

#3 Padding. You can choose between foam or gel padding. Foam pads attach better to the bike’s handlebars. On the other hand, gel is thicker and heavier, but provides better protection against strong surface vibrations. Choose foam pads if you ride on the road and gel pads if you ride on the trails.

#4 Material. Most gloves have a palm section made of synthetic leather and a top made of spandex. Choose a breathable and flexible material that wicks away sweat and is easy to move around in.

How to keep your riding gloves in good condition
As riding gloves are invaluable pieces of equipment, it’s important to have a few pairs on hand and keep them in good condition. When you wash them in the washing machine, make sure the Velcro is fully attached – this prevents the Velcro on one glove from pulling on the fabric of the other glove, which can lead to unsightly pilling of the fabric. After washing, hang the gloves to dry to better preserve the fabric.

Finally, store your gloves by securing the left glove’s Velcro to the right glove’s Velcro, so you can always keep each pair together. This way, when you set out on a ride, you will always have two gloves with you.

Cycling gloves may be an underrated piece of cycling gear, but they are just as important as a bike helmet. There are many reasons why you should always choose to wear gloves. It can enhance your riding experience while still providing you with maximum comfort and extra protection.

If you want to know more about electric bikes or have any questions about our cycling gloves and their components, please feel free to reach out to our customer service. We are always here to assist you.


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